Swinging for Joy


Wishes Do Come True!

Swinging for Joy is a heartwarming story that inspires readers to care for others, be hopeful, and in so doing, find joy.

After enjoying swinging in the park, London and her gifted dog Joy encounter a young boy who’s lost a family treasure. After the boy shares his wish, Joy springs into action to grant it. An act of kindness becomes the bond of friendship.

Author : Aishah Hight
Illustrator : Whimsical Designs by CJ
Publisher : Cellar of Purple™
Release Date : February 7, 2023
Ages : 6 – 10

Available in hardcover and ebook formats.

Coming Soon

London Learns Vol. 2

London is afraid of being ridiculed in class
but summons the courage to face her fears.

London Learns Vol. 3

London faces a common struggle of being herself or being like everyone else.

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